Datas &


The data at the core of our campaigns.

Having the best data and innovative technologies is a key element for the success of your marketing campaigns.

Seventic provides you with its own highly qualified B2B database and a set of technologies to boost your lead generation campaigns.

.1 Database

Daily updated information thanks to our teams and social data sourcing on the main social networks.

B2B database oriented towards Key Accounts / ETI / PME / Accounts public.

More than
1 240 000
qualified contacts.

More than
1 121 000
nominative emails.

A privileged access to the main business divisions : DG / ISD / Finance / Marketing / Communication / Digital / HR / Supply Chain / Purchasing / Innovation / …

.2 Marketing Technology

Deployment of technological building blocks around our CRM to automate and industrialise your campaigns.

Our permanent R&D allows us to source and integrate the most efficient solutions throughout the entire lead generation process.

Our technologies allow usto identify and spot the weak signals of your prospects, inorder to initiate hyper-targeted prospecting actions.

Data acquisition

Data management

Automation of campaigns

Prospect tracking