Account Based Marketing

Implementation of ABM (Account Based Marketing) campaigns will help your marketing and sales teams to remain focused on your key accounts.

Our ABM campaigns will enable you to have an ultra personalized approach, combining data, content, social selling, direct prospecting and paid media for your target accounts.

Data marketing

Data is one of the key elements in the success of an ABM campaign

Selection and identification of your key accounts and key contact persons (buyer persona) in our key accounts and mid-market oriented database

Personalized content

Creation of specific and personalized content to have a better impact on each of your target

For all of the duration of this acquisition tunnel, our strong added-value contents will enable to win the attention of your prospects and generate MQLs (Marketing Qualified Leads)

Personalized white paper

Contextualized video

Personalized automated email campaigns


Identification and tracking of key prospect accounts and contact persons in Linkedin Sales Navigator
Tracking of your prospects activity and interactions through social selling with push and dedicated content

Creation of targeted advertising campaigns : use of Seventic data for a precise targeting and implementation of retargeting processes


Our SDR (Sales Development Representative) team is specialized in ABM and participates in the leads conversion coming from our campaigns and delivers highly qualified opportunities to your sales teams