Feed up your sales pipeline quickly.

Detection of projects & making qualified appointments.

Our team of experienced sedentary sales representatives carry out high value-added phone prospecting operations for you.

Ability to intervene on complex offers with high added value.

Ability to address high-level decision makers.

Understanding of complex decision-making circuits.

Knowledge and comprehension of your business sector and challenges.

Making qualified appointments

Identification of projects and making qualified appointments to feed your sales representatives’ pipeline.


Selling complex solutions and services by phone.

Account Based Marketing

Prospecting strategy conducted on your key accounts based on commercial intelligence devices.


Maturation and monitoring of your project portfolio. Your sales representatives focus only on closing.

Mapping accounts

Identification of environments, processes and decision circuits.

Road Show & seminars

Participants enlistment and post-event reminders.

Need an internal sales
experts ?

Seventic can also offer you the opportunity to create a business development centre in your company.

We delegate our sedentary sales representatives to you in order to ensure proximity with your own teams. They will also have remote access to our management and monitoring tools (database, CRM, etc.).

Would you like to strengthen your teams withsome ofour experts?